Colossians 1:13
Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the Kingdom of his Dear Son.

Great testimonies have been and are still given which attest to the Power of the Holy Ghost, through the laying on of hands by our Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr., Doctor of Divinity, in bringing about the release from the bondage of demonic oppression. 

After many years of sitting under the ministry and teaching of Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr., D.D., many Holy Ghost-filed ministers and workers assist him at the Demonology Deliverance Breakfast Service which are held in April and September in our Mount Vernon location. 

Bishop Bryant maintains an extensive Demonology teaching ministry. Three-year certificate courses are held at the Headquarters location. Classes include Elders, Deacons, Evangelist, Missionaries, choir members and Holy Ghost-filled believers as well as visitors who have a strong desire to do God’s work.  They learn about the works and activities of demons and see the demonstration of the Gift of Laying on of Hands.

Today, many Holy Ghost filled workers assist Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr. as he continues to stand for teaching on demonology. Our deliverance serves are held each April and September in our Mount Vernon location and each May in our Delaware location.

The Bible Church of Christ, Inc., demonology ministry continues to be exciting to the workers (exorcists), refreshing and regenerating to those delivered and in many cases one's last hope. Pastor Bryant maintain sand extensive demonology teaching ministry. Two-year certificate courses are held at various locations.Classes consistence of clergy, other Pastors and Holy Ghost filed individuals who have a strong desire to do God's work. Among other things, they learn and see demonstrated the gift of laying on hands.

Bishop Roy Bryant Sr., D.D. taught his first two-year Demonology Course in June 1999, producing approximately 40 graduates emanating from the churches in Headquarters and Mount Vernon alone.

Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr., D.D., has authored three revealing books about Demonology, “Manual on Demonology, Diary of an Exorcist”, “Satan the Motivator”,  the battle between God and Satan, and “Who’s in Your Body with You”. 

Elder Alice Jones,Dean of The Theological Institute, with other friends and saints, coordinated presided over the commencement exercises at the Headquarters location as well as Delaware and St. Croix. Expected to be published shortly, the second book written by Bishop Roy Bryant,Sr D.D., Satan the Motivator", will be the required text for Demonology III  (third year study course in Demonology) which begins September 1999.

This liberating ministry of Demonology was also aired on TBN in August the demonology classes Bishop Roy Brand Sr. D.D. discusses and teaches via various tapes, made by him and his anointed assistant teacher. A few subjects offered in the tape ministry are The Abused Woman how to Expel Demons From Your Home, Demon speaking and Self-Deliverance.