Theological Institute

The Bible Church of Christ, Inc.
1358 Morris Avenue
Bronx, New York 10456

Dr.Roy Bryant, Sr., President 

Dr. Alice Jones, Dean
(718) 588-2284





DEMONOLOGY is the study, classification, and activities of demons.  This course is directed to invade the kingdom of Satan and to enlighten the student about the works of Satan and his demons.  Due to the lack of knowledge, many are not able to discern the difference between the flesh and the spirit.  Jesus said, “search the scriptures: they are they which testify of me.”  Each student will have the opportunity to research the scriptures to identify the works of satan throughout the Bible.  Students will graduate upon the completion of their three-year and six-year course; and the studious student will be skilled and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  This is also an advanced course to further your studies beyond the six-year term.  THURS. 7-9 PM


NEW CONVERTS is primarily for newborn babes in Christ (those knowing Christ for one year or less) who simply want to get to know the Lord better through His word.  These students study the Bible and gain spiritual insights through this 1-hour course as well as the knowledge of life application principles for new converts.  This class is for one-year TUES. 8-9 PM


CHRISTIAN WORKERS is a course prescribed for those who have a special burden for soul-winning.  Also, if you desire to adapt yourself to the various aspects of the Gospel ministry, from Sunday School to the Missionary Department, then register for this course.  This course if for one year. TUES. 7-8 PM


EVANGELISM/ADVANCED is prescribed especially for those who feel called to the evangelistic ministry and want to prepare for the field and learn about the works of Evangelism.  This course provides ample training ground for students, especially since it requires more speaking assignments.  Students will learn how to be more effective servants for Christ.  Taking this course does not qualify one to be an Evangelist or go out and evangelize.  This course can be completed in one-year.  Advanced is a two-year course.  WED. 8-10 PM


THE ADVANCED PEDAGOGY/ANDRAGOGY COURSE is prescribed for those students who have successfully completed the Post-Graduate in Theology course and would like to continue their Christian education.  This course includes challenging subjects such as Genesis in the light of Modern Research (including knowledge and critiques of “Higher Criticism” and the so-called Documentary Hypothesis), Evolutionary teaching compared with Genesis, the Life and Times of Jesus, the Messiah (named after the required text), Anthropology, Apologetics (defending the faith), Political Theology and a variety of other subjects.  This course can be completed in two years.  TUES. 8-10 PM


THE GENERAL BIBLE COURSE is designed for those who want a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  If you desire an excellent working knowledge of subjects such as the Old and New Testament Synthesis the Seven Dispensations, Personal Divine Life and a variety of other subjects which will greatly enhance your ministry, then register for this course.  This is a two-year course.  TUES. 8-10 PM


THE TEACHER TRAINIING COURSE is designed especially for those who have the serious responsibility of teaching in the Sunday School.  This course emphasizes the importance of dealing with the problems of the young n every aspect of life, from the cradle to the college level.  So, if you are among those blessed with the privilege of training and channeling life through the various stages; or if you are looking forward to teaching in a Bible school.  College, or seminary, then you are encouraged to register for this course.  This course can be completed beyond the General Bible Course.  TUES. 8-10 PM


POST-GRADUATE IN THEOLOGY COURSE: In a day when secular schools and some religious institutions are denying the Faith, the serious-minded believer would want to be qualified and equipped to cope with the rising tide of skepticism.  Education is on the ascendancy, not merely in America, but all over the civilized would.  S if you feel the need of someone meeting the challenge of our day, then remember that you are that someone.  You will study the Sciences as they relate to the Bible, Comparative Religion, Systematic Theology, etc.  This course will help you enhance the ministry gifts God has given you.  Registration for this course is highly recommended.  This course can be completed in two years beyond the General Bible course.  TUES. 8-10 PM


YOUTH EXPRESSION This is a one-year course and provides an opportunity for the youth to study the Word of God at an early age and designed to help and prepare the youth for Christian Service.  TUES. 6-7 PM


SPANISH FOR BEGINNERS Students will learn to read, write, and speak Spanish. THUR. 6-7 PM


COMPUTER CLASSES BEGINNERS: These classes are designed for those interested in computer basics.  The Beginner’s Class is designed to teach students how to log into the computer, use the mouse, type with two hands, learn key strokes; navigate through Microsoft Windows/Word, generate documents, save, and open documents; and general computer skills.   TUES. 6-7 PM



COMPUTER CLASSES INTERMEDIATE will help reinforce computer skills and students will acquire additional knowledge relating to Microsoft Word, creating, editing, and renaming documents, relating folders, creating, and opening e-mails and attaching documents to an e-mail; storing files on flash drives and/or CD’s and more. TUES. 6-8 PM