Our History



The "Vision"

Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr., D.D. 


Because of the leading of the Holy Spirit, the young Roy Bryant's preaching was irresistible to people everywhere. Since his faith was so strong never doubting for a moment the "Vision" God had given him would come to past, God blessed his ministry enormously; even in the realm of miracles. Slowly, but surely, he gathered his congregation. They would meet regularly at his home; people were willing to sacrifice their time and show their faith. Roy Bryant, Sr. was constantly amazed and moved by those around him who shared his faith and love of God.

After six years of discovering and using his many gifts God has blessed him with (preaching, healing, deliverance and miracles) in the hospitals and in his home, he was ordained an Elder. God then directed him to obtain a church where healing, deliverance, miracles, and by the laying-on-of-hands, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit could be received by the masses. Therefore, led by the Holy Spirit, he began his search for a proper church and found and established in 1961, The Bible Church of Christ Inc. in the Bronx, New York.  The power of this vision was undeniable and so he set out always led by the Holy Spirit to amplify and intensify his ministry. He carried the Word of God, the faith of Jesus Christ, and the Love of God everywhere he went. His first members were, his dedicated wife, Sissieretta and their five beautiful children.

By 1966, Pastor Bryant was ordained a Bishop. His Congregation had now grown so large . Now as a Bishop and Founder his work could go forward with greater focus and commitment.

However, in 1969, tragedy struck with a fire that consumed the church building, but by the Grace of God, the dedication of all its members, and Bishop Bryant's inspired leadership; the church was rebuilt.  From the ashes of Morris Avenue, Bishop Roy Bryant, Sr. not only rebuilt, but gradually expanded, spreading the Word of God and its healing power to all parts of the northeast, then to places like Africa, India and Haiti. The "Vision" has no limits as he continues to bring his deep faith and healing to thousands of souls. The Bible Church of Christ, Inc. is now an international ministry with missions going forth throughout the world.